Yong Seok Kim, Ph.D.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


Yong Seok KimĀ is postdoctoral researcher at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He has Ph.D. in chemical engineering from Yonsei University in South Korea and postdoc scholar at University of Michigan-Ann arbor in 2015. He has developed a novel emulsion polymerization method to develop functional polymer & polymeric composites with enhancing properties for various applications such as water treatment, display, latent heat storage, organic semiconductor, etc. Current his research focuses on self-clean, and heavy metal removal properties through Water & Energy Nexus. He has developed new polymeric composites that create self-clean function as well as robust mechanical property with low cost for fast water transportation and a novel polymer coating that shows fast filtration with high heavy metal ions removal, simultaneously. Most of his projects starts from polymer synthesis to scalable industrial application that can be utilized in our environment.