Become A Member

Any company, federal research and development organization, or any government-owned contractor-operated laboratory may become a sponsor of the center.


Membership fees are $50,000 annually for large companies.  Companies are allowed a maximum of two memberships, which grants them two votes in the IAB.

Small companies, as defined by the federal government for purposes of SBIR grants, are allowed to join as associate members for an annual membership fee of $10,000.  Associate members will have the rights of full members except in all voting matters, and the amount of any royalty for licensed use of products, practices or procedures will be subject to negotiation.


For additional information on becoming a member please contact any of our WEP Center staff members:
Center Director:  Dr. Junhong Chen - (414-229-2615) 
Marquette Site Director: Dr. Daniel Zitomer – (414-288-5733)
Center Manager - Dave Marsh - (262-227-2277)