Polymer Synthesis & Characterization Laboratory


The Polymer Synthesis & Characterization Laboratory (PSCL) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee aims to support research and product development efforts where polymeric materials and their composites are required. The laboratory’s main focus is on the synthetic polymeric materials such as polyurethane, PVC, and specialty polymers for different applications related to Electric and Electronic Materials, Water Purification, Renewable Resources and Recycling. The Water purification project aims at the synthesis and functionalization of flexible polyurethane foams for removal of heavy metal ions like lead, arsenic, mercury & copper from domestic and industrial waste waters by ion exchange process. The functional groups used to remove heavy metal ions like lead are incorporated into the polymer backbone during the polymer synthesis. Lead ion removal in parts per billion levels by cation exchange process are determined using an Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS). The Polyurethane foam will be functionalized further to effectively remove other heavy metal ions like Arsenic, Mercury and Copper.


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