Zhongzhe Liu, Ph.D.

Marquette University


Dr. Zhongzhe Liu is a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering at Marquette University, where he is currently working on the sustainable wastewater biosolids (sludge) treatment-thermochemical conversion of biosolids to soil conditioner and renewable fuels. The current projects are sponsored by National Science Foundation and Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District. The research includes the design and construction of a pilot-scale catalytic thermochemical system, the production and characterization of value-added pyrolysis product, the in-situ catalytic upgrading of pyrolytic products, and the process optimization and simulation by Aspen Plus. Dr. Liu has over ten years of interdisciplinary research and development experience in both Chemical and Environmental Engineering and is experienced in high temperature and pressure reactor design, construction and optimization. His global research interest is centered on the beneficial reuse of industrial byproducts for energy and resource recovery, such as making synthetic fuels and extracting or utilizing inherent valuables of waste. Additionally, Dr. Liu is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering at Marquette teaching heat transfer and is serving as a reviewer for over 30 environmental engineering, renewable energy and sustainability journals. Dr. Liu received his M.S. degree in Environmental Engineering from Shanghai University (China) in 2008 and earned his Ph.D. degree in Chemical and Environmental Engineering from University of California, Riverside in 2013. For more information, access the link below.