Michael Nosonovsky, Ph.D.



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Michael Nosonovsky, Ph.D.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


Dr. Michael Nosonovsky is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. He received is a Ph.D. degree in Applied Mechanics from Northeastern University (Boston, USA) and worked as a Visiting Scholar at the Ohio State University and National Institute of Standards and Technology (Maryland).


Dr. Nosonovsky‘s field of research focuses on surface and contact mechanics, capillary effects, nanotribology, self-organization and biomimetics. He researches how to manufacture surfaces with microstructures observed in nature such as fish scales and the leaves of the Lotus plant. Superhydrophobic materials (materials that repel water) and Oleophobic materials (materials that repel oils) minimize the contact area between the liquid and the surface, which prevents corrosion, scaling, bio-fouling and the accumulation of dirt and sludge. Conventional anti-fouling are toxic, so they are not suitable for use in waterdistribution systems and use of anti-fouling coatings on ships has created problems in harbor due to the leaching of these toxic coatings.¬† For more information access the link below.