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Dr David E.J. GARMAN

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


David E J Garman PhD - Presently Associate Vice Chancellor Water Technology Research and Development, and Founding Dean of the School of Freshwater Sciences(SFS), University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, he is a full professor in SFS.  He is leading the establishment of new water research programs for industry and the environment both nationally and internationally.  He is Chief Technology Officer for The Water Council and its Innovation Commercialization and Exchange (ICE) Institute.

He is co-PI with Prof Chen on a NSF funded Partnership For Innovation(PFI) for novel sensor development.  He has recently completed a number of small projects with the Department of Commerce on technology transfer and translation and has research and commercialization projects proceeding on novel in situ remediation materials. His industry research liaison center at the Global Water Center Milwaukee had visits from 47 countries and hundreds of local and international visitors in 2015.

His career has covered the full range of environmental management from water resources and pollution control through to new environmental technologies, covering all aspects of measurement, management policy and strategic analysis.

As Chief Executive of Environmental Biotechnology CRC(Cooperative Research Center) in Australia and its predecessor Waste Management and Pollution Control he had responsibility for research and development, contract administration, commercialization and general administration with a budget of about A$10M/year. Its R&D focused on applications of advanced biotechnology to all aspects of environmental management but with an emphasis on water and wastewater. There were 31 industry partners. Community and regulator liaison was a key activity for the position.

Dr Garman has served as both an executive and non-executive director for private and listed companies. With 2 IPOs and about 20 spin off companies as well as 8 patents and applications he is well experienced in the innovation and commercialization of new technologies. Dr Garman was chairman of a listed company that specialized in lake remediation by making phosphorus the limiting nutrient. He has been involved with or been associated with over 100 lakes and their remediation, ranging from small to medium to large systems.

He is or has been a consultant and advisor to a number of research bodies, international prizes and water authorities throughout the world as well as having extensive industry and commercial experience. He has had extensive policy experience in terms of resource development and resource management in all aspects of pollution and resource management.

His research and interests cover all aspects of new technology, water resource management from research and planning to large-scale operations, with a strong emphasis on commercial operations and corporate governance.